Boitatá (ISSN 1980-4504) is a peer-reviewed, open-access, biannual academic journal of the Working Group on Oral and Popular Literature of the National Association for Research and Graduate Studies in Literature and Linguistics (ANPOLL). It's main objective is to disseminate orginal works resulting from scientific productions of national and international researchers who investigate the oral poetry and popular literature.

   As a peer reviewed journal, the submitted material is evaluated by the advisory board. The evaluators are recognized researchers in the topics addressed. The advisory board is diverse and includes leading scholars, spanning diverse disciplines, from different national and international institutions.

   By submitting a text, the author must be aware of their compliance with the following conditions: the contribution is original and unpublished, and is not being evaluated for publication by another journal. Submissions that do not comply with these terms will be refused. Any disregard of these principles is the full responsibility of the author.



   Boitatá welcomes submissions of articles, reviews and interviews on oral and popular studies, concerning cultural and multicultural approaches. We accept works from a wide range of perspectives, such as Literature, Anthropology, Social Sciences, Psychology, History and Linguistics.


·         Submissions should be sent to

·         Format: documents must be sent with the extension ‘.doc’.

·         Articles and Interviews should not exceed 8000 words (minimum of 2000).

·         Reviews should not exceed 2000 words.

·         All articles, reviews or interviews should be written in Portuguese, English, Spanish, or French

·         "Abstract" and "Keywords" are required, alongside with they're translation into a different language (Resumo e Palavras-Chave; Resumen y Palabras Clave; or Résumé et Mots-Clé).

·         A List of “Works Cited” is required at the end of the article.

·         References according to:

o   ABNT (Associação Brasileira de Normas Técnicas:  or

o   MLA (Modern Language Association :

·         No specific formatting is required as the texts will be formatted by the editor.

·         A numbered footnote should include last degree, professional and email addresses.

·         Boitatá Deadlines (twice a year):

o   First semester: March 15th

o   Second semester: Octubre 15th

·         The submissions will be confirmed by the editor.